Due to the current situation we have received a considerable number of requests for a PayPal option for online book purchases.

In order to satisfy these demands we set up an account and posted it on Facebook, but it soon became apparent that we made some oversights which are causing confusion. We also noticed that we had made some assumptions and failed to implement a clear process. First of all as Treasurer I would like to apologise for this, below are the 2 main issues we have identified and processes that we hope will rectify these.


Many PayPal users only pay this way when a site has a button for this. We do not have this facility so you need to pay via your account page.

Log into your PayPal account.

Click the "send" icon. This will take you to the payment page.

Top line of This page says" Name, email or mobile". Enter our email address Turn on Javascript!. This will direct the payment to us.

Enter the amount to be paid.

Enter message in box at the bottom ( see issue 2)

Then send.

Issue 2.

Originally when buying online we obtained information that we are not getting via PayPal. This leaves us knowing that a payment has been received from a particular person, but we dont have details of the order or delivery address. We also required a stamped addressed envelope which removed postage costs.

In order to cover postage costs we need to add £1.50 per ORDER.

In the message box on PayPal we need you to provide the following information.

Number of full books required ( include name and address for each member)

Number of concessionary books required (include name and address).

Please note concessionary book purchases still require evidence posting to Alan Hatton as before. Orders including concession books will be posted on receipt of this.

Delivery address.

I hope this helps make this option work more smoothly. The 2 orders that have already taken will not be charged for postage, we will PM you for the information required.

Please note, the option to apply by post as before remains open for those that would like to use it.