About us

The Federation has always been a river fishing based body and the number of river waters in its portfolio reflects this. With the advent of commercial fisheries river angling has declined in its popularity and this has been reflected in the Federations membership numbers.

The committee are in the process of revitalising the federations fisheries with a view to improving access to its waters for all members and in particular disabled anglers.

The Federation runs a winter league on the Nottingham canal. Evening matches are also held on the Clifton and Powergen fisheries in the Summer and these are run by Simon Heaton. (See Calendar for dates)
Brian Cross runs an annual Senior Citizens and disabled match every year on various venues. Details of this match will be in the NEWS when they are finalised.

Committee Members

P Coates.
P Griffin.
P Hemm.
J Morson.
K Pashley.
C. Shaw, 
P Warwick.
M Lakin.
Life Members

R. Toulson                                                                                                                                     
A Hatton   

B Cross

M lakin