The 5th round of the Federation evening series found cooler weather and a few fish feeding

Making the most of a upstream end peg Wayne Truman balled in groundbait and fished sail float and worm for two decent bream.

Wayne regularly topped up his peg with groundbait and added perch and roach to boost his catch to 13-11-0. The next four anglers all had nine pounds plus making it very tight, but match organiser Dave Clayton took second place with 9-10-0 of mainly hemp roach. Tony Marshall was third with 9-9-0 which included a two pound perch and ten chub!. Tony fished worm and caster, which he fed through a bait dropper.
1st Wayne Truman.     13-11-0.   Drennan Leicester VDE
2nd Dave Clayton.          9-10-0.   Drennan Leicester VDE
3rd Tony Marshall.          9-9-0.     Cadance Superteam.
4th Jim Clayton.               9-7-0.     Matchman supplies.
5th Simon Heaton             9-0-0.     Matchman Supplies.
Please note that there isn't a evening match for the next two weeks because of the first division national, but we start again on the 16th of August.