The 4th round of the federation evening series on the viaducts returned to decent form this week

Bill Bywater led the way from peg 33 with 14-11-0. The Matchman supplies shop manager and top caster man took 3 decent bream a good eel and perch. He fished a sail float with worm hook bait over groundbait and bait dropped his own excellent casters over the top.

Second place went to David Clayton at peg 10 who put together a all roach catch taken on hemp for 10-6-0. Third place from in form peg 31 on the outfall was Future Fishing man Ant White. Ant caught small fish on maggot and better roach on hemp later on to take the best of three seven pound weights with 7-14-0.
 1st Bill Bywater.  14-11-0  Matchman Supplies.
 2nd Dave Clayton 10-6-0  Drennan Leicester VDE.
 3rd Ant White.    7-11-0.     Future Fishing.
 4th Simon Heaton  7-9-0.   Matchman Supplies.
Has anyone else noticed how the flow of the river changes in the evening. It may only be the viaducts, but it has happened a few times over the last couple of years. Anyone who has fished peg 10 will know it flows quite hard as it did last  Tuesday, but the river virtually stopped at about 8 o'clock and dropped 6 inch over half an hour before the flow picked up and all retired to normal.