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posted 24 Jul 2016, 02:17 by notts fed
Yesterdays open match was ruined by a few pleasure anglers refusing to move when the match anglers arrived siting the excuse that no notices were posted. Although notices were on the gate this in itself is no excuse as ALL open matches are listed on page 4 of the membership book, the current weeks matches are listed on the pinned post above and ALL matches, open and club are listed on the Feds website calendar. These matches provide valuable income for the Federation and are one reason for the membership price being kept low. Ruining one anglers pleasure because you cannot or wont be bothered to access the information the Federation has provided is not acceptable.This kind of intolerance will not be acceptable any further and where an angler refuses to move when an official match is booked the bailiffs are now instructed to confiscate membership books and the angler will be barred from Federation waters for the remainder of the season. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.