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Night Fishing Update (click here for full text)

posted 26 Aug 2014, 06:11 by notts fed
Following an absolutely disgraceful act of littering at Clifton Bridge by day ticket anglers (four yes four bin liners full)  it has been decided to restrict night fishing to members only. Day ticket anglers will only be allowed to fish in the daylight hours on all our waters where night fishing is allowed for members. I as president have to ask just what these animals live in at home if this is how they live and treat the outdoors and let me say that the water above Clifton Bridge is leased and should this continue the water WILL be lost forever. We will not and cannot afford to tolerate this filth from a few who could damage it for the majority so I ask all members to keep an eye open for litter leavers and remind you that as members you are also a bailiff of the Federation.  Thank you.