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Federation Barbel Challenge Cup

posted 24 Sept 2015, 09:03 by notts fed


All you need to know about this new challenge match is here :-

Here is a update on everything about the Notts fed barbel challenge cup match .it's going to be held on the 16th October 2015 at clifton bridge,thrumpton and viaducts at Holme pier point either all of the stretches or individual ones .depending on however many want to fish entrance fees is £12 which will have to be paid by the 9th of October 2015 either by paypal or postal orde...r .I'm just sorting out a PayPal account as we speak so please bear with me on that one. The match is a 24hr match starting at 8pm till 8pm it will be a 2 rod match we are going to do a blind draw for pegs Alan Hatton the president of Notts fed is kindly said he will do the draw for us it will be done on Thursday the 15thOctober 2015 at the last post pub in beeston at 8.30 next to the tram stop if anyone would like to attend your more than welcome as its a public draw everyone's name will be put in a hat and drawn match style ie joe blogs v1 cb1 or t1 abbreviated for the stretches you will be fishing all the stretches will be closed from 8pm the night before to keep it fair to all the anglers we are hoping to get 100 anglers to join us for the match if we do get the hundred the prizes will be 1st prize will be £500 second £250 third £150 and £100 for the biggest barbel caught in the match and more importantly you will be the winner of the cup your name will be first on the cup for years to come the federation will keep the cup as its very expensive and they are paying for it for us please be aware if we do not reach the hundred anglers the prize money will drop to the number of anglers fishing
The rules of the match are as follows.....
No fishing before the match begins at 8pm
Maximum of two rods and two hooks
All out will be at 8pm on the sat 16th at 8pm
This is a barbel only match no other species will count
All anglers will need unhooking mats and large landing nets.marshals will be on hand to weigh the fish caught
Everyone will have a weighing in card which will be filled in by a marshal and a witness probably the next angler to yourself you will also sign of on each fish caught as its been weighed proper fish care procedures will be taken to ensure that all fish are safely returned to the river no keep nets at all hopefully I've covered everything if not please get in touch with myself or Nottz Carper and we will try to help if there is a instance where we get the 100 anglers there will be 20 last minute places available just in case anyone can't make it or doesn't turn up but can't see that happening myself well now my fingers hurt from writing all this hope you all get involved in the biggest barbel match the Trent has seen in a long time please share this with all your friends and groups and good luck everyone