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Nottingham Canal


                             DOWNSTREAM              RED COW SECTION                      UPSTREAM

238 pegs of excellent Canal fishing right through the Nottingham City Centre. The Canal allows Boats to travel through Nottingham avoiding the shallow water on the Trent at Clifton Bridge and the weir at Beeston. Being joined at both ends to the River Trent means that all the species found in the River can probably be found in the Canal. Roach and Bream are the predominant species, however, large Chub often show up along with some very special Carp to 32lb at the London road end.. Starting at the chain bridge at Dunkirk the federation controls all pegs down stream to the river Trent There are many points of access and good towpaths that make certain lengths ideal for anglers with disabilities, one of the best options for disabled and infirm being the RED COW length at Lenton. This fishery offers good fishing for both match and pleasure anglers. .No Night Fishing. (day tickets and match bookings available) The Federation controls both banks of this canal.

How to get there:-

There are many access points on the canal, at Lenton lane bridge, Castle Bridge Road, Castle Boulevard foot  bridge, Wilford Street, Carrington Street, Trent Street, Hooters bridge(London Road),and Meadow lane Bridge. Parking is available on John A. Stephens Car Park, Castle Meadow Road Sundays only from the beginning of October until the end of April.   " leave no mess or litter." otherwise parking is highway based.

Interactive Google Map of location