The Nottingham and District Federation of Angling societies was formed back in 1908  and the earliest information we have comes in the form of a 1916/17 year book, although the cover is not clear you can still make out most of its content.   

The Federation now days holds its meetings at its head quarters at the Horse and Groom public house, North Gate, Basford, Nottingham but back in 1916 the headquarters was at the Hornes Castle Hotel,Hollow Stone, Nottingham, you can read more about this inn here

As you can see this book, number 41 belonged to a Mr J Cripwell who was a member of the Waltonians Angling society who are still members of the federation today.                                                                              


but the meetings were held at different hostelries each month,  most of which have now gone . Here are some of them who advertised in the old book.


Tackle shops also placed adds in the year book and they include SAM WOOLLEYS, COTTEES,  A GRAHAM and REDDITCH TACKLE. As author of this brief history I have to say that my first rod came from a shop opposite the old Skills Coach and Model shop at the top of Peveril street  back In 1955 at the tender age of 8 and it’s a good bet that it was COTTEES.




HARDYS were also prevalent with an add  for their "ideal" roach rod with a price tag of 25 /- or for cork covered handle it rose to 30/-, It also boasts that the price is "same as before the war". In the script there is a letter from SIDNEY J ENGLAND, Who wrote about his rod, "Dear Mr Hardy, The Nottingham Roach Rod that you made to my pattern I consideran ideal tool adapted in every respect to the work for which it is designed . SYDNEY J ENGLAND."  In the advert there is also a 10.1/2 to 11 foot "1916 MODEL ROACH ROD that was on offer for 15/6

Back in the day anglers didn’t have the luxury of a car or even a push bike but as you can see below that on production of your membership book you could travel via one of three rail companies  at a reduced rate. some of the rules listed for this benefit were :-  On the railways only third class tickets were available on production of their membership book and fishing rod and tackle, and any member found defrauding the railway company by lending his ticket or using it for the purpose of obtaining a railway fishing ticket when proceeding on business will forfiet all contributions, membership ticket and be expelled from the federation.

Through the years the Federation flourished and at its height boasted as many as 3500 members and within those members they formed one of the finest and most revered national teams ever to fish in the National Federation of Anglers division one championships. The Trentmen, with an array of famous names such as, John Dean, Jan Porter, Wayne Swinscoe, Frank Barlow, Roy Toulson, Tony Greaves, Don Slaymaker, Jim Meakin, Roy Henson, and Pete Palmer they became legends in the art of fishing the river Trent.

Trentman team still hold the record for the number of points to win a division one national title.
Author:-    A L Hatton.       President.